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How to Join Us - ASmallDinosaur - 09-05-2018

What is TSP?
The Speshal Platoon is a gaming community started by ASmallDinosaur (Aaren Gibson) and JetBlack164 (Lukas) in 2016. Our group originally started out as a ArmA 3 community, however, we play many other games as a group as well.

In our ArmA sessions, we play in a way that requires teamwork and tactics. While we do put emphasis on realism, we are far from being military strict. Our mindset is that we should try to coordinate and play in a semi-serious manner but not at the expense of our own enjoyment. ShackTactical summed up the idea nicely in two words: "Serious Fun". We host all sorts of games from coop to adversarial, 1 life or with respawns. We usually run games every weekend and occasionally on weekdays.

How to Join Us
We don't have many requirements to join, as long as you are interested in joining and willing to cooperate, that's pretty much good enough. 

In order to join simply message us on our Steam Chat. One of our moderators will add you and brief you about how to setup the mods, etc.

- Legal copy of ArmA 3.
- Ability to install mods (35 GB-50 GB).
- Able to speak English.
- Above 14 years old.
- Ability to install Teamspeak 3.

If you have any questions, you can message us in our Steam Chat as well.

RE: How to Join Us - jetblack164 - 10-01-2019

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