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How to Join Us - ASmallDinosaur - 09-05-2018

Session Times
We usually host games on weekends at UTC 13:30 as our community is made up of members from many different timezones. We do often play on other days as well, if there are enough people interested in starting a session.

We don't have a minimum attendance or anything like that, however we do like to see our members show up regularly.
If you are inactive for a long amount of time, we will usually check to see if you're still interested in staying in the group

- Legal copy of ArmA 3.
- Ability to install mods (50 GB).
- Ability to speak English.
- Ability to install Teamspeak 3.

Interested in joining? Simply leave a message on our Discord. One of us will add you and brief you about how to setup the mods, etc.
If you have any questions, you can ask them on our Discord as well.